Creative Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day can mean different things to different people. For some, it can be about loving and appreciating each other romantically; for others, it can just be about appreciating each other and being there for one another. Whoever you are, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little something for a loved one on a holiday. Here are some Valentine’s gift ideas, for those who maybe don’t want to get a classic box of chocolates.

Origami hearts! Origami hearts are a very simple, cute, and easy gift topper. You can put several in a jar and give them like that, or you can incorporate a few in with your original gift just to top it off. Another way to use them is to write small notes inside. You can use small post-its and put those inside 3D ones, or simply write a corny pickup line you’ve come up with.

A classic Valentine’s bucket! A Valentine’s bucket is a basket filled with smaller, classic gifts. Chocolate, small teddy bears, heart-shaped gifts, and chocolate are the main things that go into one of these. All it takes are those classic Valentine’s pieces, and a pink, red, or white, bucket. If you think these colors are too matchy, they can be the favorite colors of your special person/people. A gift like this can also be shared on other holidays, like a birthday or Christmas, similar to a self-care box!

An old-style love letter! An old-style love letter is just what it sounds like, and it’s pretty easy to make with materials you have at home. You’ll need a normal piece of white paper, and something to taint your paper with. You can use brown watercolor paint, make coffee, or make tea, and start to tear the edges and sides of the paper. Soak the slightly torn paper into one of the liquids, or splatter it, and you can gently dry the paper with a hair blow dryer. Once it’s done drying you can burn a few edges with a lighter or candle safely, and start writing!

An exploding/pop-up love box! The name may make the concept a bit confusing, but an exploding love box is a small cardboard box that pops up with smaller details when you open it. This is a gift that may take a bit more effort and time, but when done correctly, it can be used as a Valentine’s gift, Christmas gift, or even a birthday gift.

Though there are more Valentine’s gift ideas, these are just some of the most interesting ones that aren’t too common. Hopefully, this page helped anyone wondering what to get their friends and loved ones for this holiday.