Febrewary: Coffee Shops in LA Review (Part 1)

LA is known for trendy coffee shops with their own brewed specialties and pleasing aesthetics. In fact, you might’ve passed by many during your drive through the city.

We visited two coffee shops in LA: Alfred Coffee and Gelato Bar to see if it was a sip or dip.

Alfred Coffee (reviewed by Caitlyn): Alfred Coffee is known for their world-famous iced vanilla lattes that have everyone lining up outside their door. Their high-quality ingredients combined with their high-quality service has led to the success of all of their Los Angeles locations. According to the Alfred Coffee page, their goal is to provide all of their customers, new or returning, with an experience just as delightful as their order.

I went to see what they had brewing and to see if their top-selling item lives up to its name… And, it did! The combination of good old espresso and vanilla goodness with my own choice of dairy was the coffee to satisfy my craving and curiosity. I highly recommend it! Surely a sip!


Gelato Bar (reviewed by Brooke): The name Gelato Bar may seem counterintuitive to be a coffee place, but this cute cafe on Tujunga Avenue in Los Angeles has one of my favorite cold brews in the city. Not too sweet, not too bitter, Gelato Bar has perfected the flavor of their coffee. And it’s not just the cold brew, I’ve gone with family and friends who get lattes, espressos, and other types and no matter what, the reviews are positive all around!

My typical order is a cold brew with milk and one pump of sweetener, but the options are endless. There is a huge variety of things you can add, from raspberry syrup to chocolate and vanilla. In addition to sweeteners, they have many different dairy options as well as substitutes including oat milk and soy milk. This is great for my sister who is allergic to dairy, Gelato Bar provides an experience that even she can enjoy!

If you’re passing through the area, I would highly recommend stopping by Gelato Bar and giving it a try, it will change your life! Another sip for the list!

But wait, there’s more!
Stay tuned for a sequel where we visit two more coffee shops in our Sip or Dip series!